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What We Do

Meta Power Solutions offers a comprehensive selection of commercial and industrial transformers. Our company designs, manufactures, and supplies transformers up to 20 MVA and voltage levels of 138kV, 66kV, 33kV, 11kV, 6.6kV, 3.3kV, 433V, 415V, etc.

Expert design engineers support all of our power transformer projects to deliver a solution that meets your needs. We manufacture our transformers in accordance with international standards (IEEE and ANSI).

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MPS Transformers

As one of the leading manufacturers of liquid-filled transformers in North America, MPS excels both in quality and reliability. MPS designs, engineers, and manufactures liquid-filled transformers for a wide range of applications, from custom transformers to utility substations. Our engineers have the knowledge and experience to undertake complex winding designs for customers who require highly sophisticated solutions.

What Sets Us Apart

We listen to Our Customers

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MPS’s priority is to provide customers with a cost-effective, well-developed solution. MPS closely collaborates with the customer from start to finish to develop a solution that meets their expectations based on their specifications. Regardless of the application, site, or unique specifications, we provide transformers with outstanding value and performance, saving clients’ money and time.


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We at MPS offer customized designs and manufacture transformers to meet the specific requirements of each individual project.

We Choose Cutting-Edge Materials

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Our transformers are built with high-quality materials and will last for decades, saving you money on a repair or replacement in the future.


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Before they are installed, our units undergo extensive testing. This reduces the likelihood of a transformer failure while it is in use. We have rigorous requirements for the testing process, and we will not install a transformer if it does not satisfy them.

Transformer Applications



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