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Who is Meta-Power Solutions?

MPS is a leading manufacturer of oil-filled power and distribution transformers in North America. We design and build a variety of standard and custom transformers. The industries we serve include utilities, oil and gas, mining, commercial construction, solar systems, and bitcoin mining.

Through technical design strength, product diversity, and manufacturing capabilities, MPS leads the industry in these markets, making it a fundamentally and financially stronger company.

We have gained a strong reputation as one of the most experienced and diversified manufacturers of dry type, oil-filled, and power & distribution transformers in North America. We have become our customers’ go-to resource during the most crucial phases of their requirements. As a manufacturer, our reliability and integrity are pivotal in an industry where demands must be addressed swiftly and effectively.

Our company specializes in Power and Distribution Transformers manufacturing, assembly, supervision, and commissioning. MPS is a leading manufacturer of three-phase pad-mounted transformers, solar transformers, and substation transformers up to 60 MVA.

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Everything We Do Is At A High Standard

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MPS: Our Expertise

meta power solutions

MPS primarily serves utilities, bitcoin miners, and solar power facilities across North America. MPS, a transformer manufacturer in the United States, has been designing and manufacturing power and distribution transformers for various utilities and specialty projects with some of the industry’s fasted lead times. Our transformer designs are suitable for a wide range of applications, including those involving hazardous environments.

Due to our design flexibility, we are known not only for manufacturing standard transformers but also for custom designing and building transformers suited to our customers’ specific requirements. Whether you require a standard or customized transformer for your most complex electrical needs, we have more power solutions for you.

All of our transformers are built according to NEMA, ANSI, and IEEE standards and tested numerous times during the manufacturing process to ensure conformity with relevant standards and any particular requirements of our customers.

What Sets Us Apart?

Our expertise in manufacturing customized power and distribution transformers to accommodate each client’s specific requirements and their desired application is the most significant contributor to our company’s success. From concept to completion, we take pride in understanding our clients’ concerns and offering them with fit-for-purpose solutions delivered through our recognized, full-service approach.

We employ cutting-edge design and assembly techniques to develop premium-grade transformers with significant economic benefits for our customers. The relative cost savings from installing and using the MPS transformer can represent a substantial return on investment (ROI).

MPS believes that a sale isn’t finished until our transformer has been appropriately installed, power has been restored, and the customer is completely satisfied. That is the MPS difference.

Our engineers are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to answer inquiries and assist with any problems that may arise during the installation.

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Why Meta-Power Solutions?

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We serve a wide variety of industries, including manufacturing, government, utilities, high voltage contractors, bitcoin miners, solar power plants, and more.

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We're one of the leading transformer companies in the nation that designs, manufactures and delivers high-quality oil-filled transformers

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Our high-quality oil-filled transformers have an expected useful life of more than 30 years.

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We can design and build custom transformers for special applications.

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Our transformers can be installed and operated in any environment and location

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Our transformers offer high efficiency, low environmental impact, and exceptional operational reliability, resulting in a safe, dependable means of electric power

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Enhanced overload capability without affecting insulation life

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Our transformer manufacturing expertise demonstrates high-quality standards for a wide range of applications. For more information or advice on your next project, please get in touch with us.