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Power your bitcoin mining with an efficient power supply.

A crucial asset of bitcoin mining is power distribution. Today’s high-density mining application calls for a reliable, cost-effective, efficient system that offers best-in-class performance. Meta Power Solution’s extensive design and manufacturing experience will help you meet your electrical infrastructure needs.

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Power your bitcoin mining with an efficient power supply.

The most critical component in the bitcoin mine is the transformer. Transformers convert a substation’s medium voltage into a suitable low voltage to power mining equipment. In our experience, crypto miners’ transformers are most effectively deployed in 1000kVA, 2000kVA, or 5000kVA increments.

Larger transformers can result in additional costs when it comes to breakers and switchgear in the facilities. There are generally lower costs associated with buying multiple 1000kVA or 2000kVA breaker panels than manufacturing one very large one. At MPS, we offer these transformers with built-in switchgear, resulting in a significant reduction in capital cost.

What Voltage to Use?

There are three principal low voltage variants used in industrial and commercial crypto mining facilities:

  • 208 V Three-Phase Delta
  • 415 Y / 240 V Three-Phase Wye
  • 480 Y / 277 V Three-Phase Wye

What would be the most suitable voltage configuration?

Without a doubt, 240V/415V. Aside from being the most efficient voltage, it is also the most economical to set up. The primary advantage is that you can use single pole circuit breakers in your switchgear and much smaller circuit breakers in regards to the current.

With 208V Delta 3 Phase, the second most popular voltage configuration, you can run a mine efficiently, but the accompanying equipment, such as breaker panels, PDUs, and wiring, will be far more expensive.

When it comes to 277V/480V, there are a few factors to take into account. This voltage can be used for mining, but most standard components are not designed for it. Even the miner’s outlets, C13s and C19s, have a maximum voltage rating of 250V. So despite the fact that most miners can handle 277V input, the power supply outlet only supports up to 250V.

General Characteristics of Bitcoin Mining Transformer


Indoor or Outdoor

Power Rating

3000 KVA (custom ratings available)

High Voltage

13.8 KV (custom ratings available)


98 KV

Low Voltage

415Y/240 V (custom ratings available)


30 KV


50 or 60 Hz

Winding Material

Copper or Aluminum

Temperature Rise

65 °C

Fluid Type

Mineral Oil, Natural Ester or Synthetic Ester



Cooling Type


Noise Level

Up To 63 dB

Windings Configuration

Delta – Wye


±2 x 2.5%



Why MPS?

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The overcurrent protection (OCP) provided by our transformers allows your mining rig to be safe from electrical shock.

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Our transformers are designed to last more than 25 years and manufactured with minimal maintenance and high efficiency in mind.

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High Standards

The MPS Transformer is designed to the highest standards using an industry-leading manufacturing practice, delivering your mining operations power and optimum performance.

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Our technical team offers selectivity studies, general layouts, and single-line diagrams (SLDs) for your electrical installation.


Factory acceptance tests are performed in our manufacturing and testing facility.

MPS Transformers are low-noise, energy-efficient, three-phase, pad-mounted distribution transformers. Tailored for industrial and commercial applications, this is the efficient power supply for your mining container. Our transformers are easily adaptable to the grid and optimized for hassle-free connection. They feature aluminum or copper windings and have customizable input/output voltages. For more information or advice on your bitcoin mining project, please get in touch with us.