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Solar PV Transformers

Three-Phase Pad-Mounted Transformers for Solar Power Applications

Photovoltaic plants are connected to the grid via step-up transformers. Since the conditions in solar power plants are rather severe, the transformers must withstand harsh weather conditions as well as high temperatures. When designing a PV power plant, transformer sizing is critical since too large-rated transformer can result in instabilities and economic disadvantages, while too small transformer power might not fully harness the plant’s capability.


Meta-Power Solutions’ oil-immersed solar PV transformers are designed to operate in all kinds of environmental conditions. These liquid-filled transformers are rated based on the size of the solar generation capacity and the voltage class of the collection array, complying with all applicable standards (ANSI/IEEE) as well as being energy efficient.

MPS solar transformers are designed for solar PV medium-voltage applications. These pad-mounted transformers are environmentally friendly because they use biodegradable and sustainable FR3 dielectric fluid, which offers greater fire protection and a longer lifespan. With ratings ranging from 45 to 12,000 kVA, these solar transformers can be customized to include a wide range of site-specific features to optimize safety and system interoperability.

Why Meta-Power Solutions?

  • A technology leader with extensive experience in solar energy applications
  • Transformers can be installed and operated in any environment and location
  • Transformers offer high efficiency, low environmental impact, and exceptional operational reliability, resulting in a safe, dependable means of electric power
  • The FR3 dielectric fluid offers greater fire safety, equipment reliability, and a longer lifespan than traditional mineral-oil transformers
  • Custom transformer designs are available for unique loading profiles and impedance specifications
  • Enhanced overload capability without affecting insulation life

General Characteristics

Base KVA Rating:

45 - 12,000 kVA


2.4 - 46 kV





Customize Your Solar Transformers

MPS can assist you in designing a custom transformer based on site-specific features such as site altitude, loading profile, temperature profile, and required system life.

The Smart Choice

MPS has designed distribution transformers for the solar PV industry that are compatible with various inverter sizes. These ‘best-in-class’ transformers maximize any solar system’s efficiency, reliability, and ROI. From residential rooftops to industrial applications and utility-scale solar facilities, MPS’s solar PV transformers reduce lead times and enhance reliability in all environmental conditions.

Regardless of the size or type of solar PV system, you plan to build. Our transformer manufacturing expertise demonstrates high-quality standards for a wide range of applications. For more information or advice on your solar PV project, please get in touch with us.

Transformer Applications



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