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40000 KVA Three Phase Substation Transformer with OLTC

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Product Overview

40000 KVA Three Phase Substation Transformer with OLTC

Meta-Power Solutions’ substation transformers are critical components in power networks. Their durability and availability have a significant impact on grid reliability and performance. MPS does not compromise on quality. Each unit we deliver undergoes rigorous full-acceptance testing.

40000 KVA Three Phase Substation Transformer with OLTC

Cooling Type


Primary Voltage

2400 – 46,000 V

Secondary Voltage

208-15,000 V


60 Hz

Fluid Type

Non-PCB Mineral Oil / FR3 Biodegradable

Technical Specs


40000 KVA


Substation Transformer

No. of Phases


Winding Configuration

Delta – Wye / Wye – Wye/ Delta – Delta/ Wye – Delta

Vector Group

As per requirement

Tapping Range

±2 x 2.5%

Winding Material

Copper / Aluminum

Core Material

Grain Oriented Silicon Steel Sheet


10.0 %

Oil Temperature Rise

55 °C

Winding Temperature Rise

65 °C

Tap Changer

Off-Load Tap Changer

IEEE Standards

IEEE C57.12.00


UL Listed

Sound Level

75 dB

40000 KVA Three Phase Substation Transformer with OLTC 40000 KVA Three Phase Substation Transformer with OLTC

The Smart Choice

MPS substation transformers are designed with exceptional quality and attention to detail, meeting a wide range of specifications and applications. These substation transformers are designed to perform in the most rigorous industries and last for decades. Transformers can be filled with FR3 fluid for added fire safety and prolonged life or with standard mineral oil for typical applications. MPS substation transformers meet a wide range of commercial, industrial, and utility requirements for both indoor and outdoor installations.

Our portfolio enables utilities, businesses, and infrastructure industries to get the most out of their transformer investments by maintaining a high level of reliability and optimal performance while minimizing life-cycle expenditures and environmental impacts.

Our transformer manufacturing expertise demonstrates high-quality standards for a wide range of applications. For more information or advice on your substation transformer project, please get in touch with us.

Can be installed in residential areas without fencing
grounded metal box
protected against tampering
protected against weather
made of premium materials

General Characteristics

MVA Rating

Up to 66 MVA


Off-load or On-load tap changer

Rated Voltage

Up to 46 kV

Vector Groups

Y-Y, Δ-Y, Y-Δ, Y-Δ

Type of Cooling


Dielectric Liquid

Mineral oil, Silicon oil, Biodegradable Oil

Manufacturing Standards


Rated Frequency

60 Hz


Our Substation Transformer





water treatment

Water Treatment

food and beverage

Food & Beverage





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