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Switchboard Maintenance

Switchboard Maintenance

Switchboards are assemblies of electrical components, such as fuses, circuit breakers, switches, residual current devices, and meters. Together, these parts allow safe and efficient electricity distribution in required sections of the electric system. If any component malfunctions, this can compromise the overall functionality of a switchboard. Therefore, To ensure switchboards and their components are safe, reliable, and compliant with regulatory standards, it is essential to maintain a healthy maintenance routine.

This article covers the basics of switchboard maintenance, including types, procedures, and the benefits maintenance offers.

Two types of Switchboard Maintenance

Switchboard maintenance allows electrical system operators to maximize system controllability and reliability proactively. There are two general categories for switchboard maintenance: preventive and regular maintenance.

1. Preventive Maintenance

Preventive maintenance involves scheduled inspections, testing, and upkeep to identify and address potential issues before they cause breakdowns or safety hazards. For example, inspectors must check all new switchboards for signs of damage. Inspectors must take the appropriate action to prevent the damaged part from interfering with the switchboard functionalities if they discover any signs of wear. Performing preventive maintenance semiannually or annually is crucial to extending the lifespan of switchboard equipment through essential procedures and tasks. We created a checklist for standard preventive maintenance procedures, and you can find the “Maintenance Checklist” below to learn about preventative care, current care, and aftercare.

2. Regular Maintenance

Regular maintenance includes all periodic maintenance work, including minor cleaning, tightening, and repairs. It is less urgent than preventive maintenance procedures because it is performed more frequently to ensure proper day-to-day functionality. The main goal of regular maintenance is to help observe the condition of the switchboard after known intervals.

Four Tests that Verify Switchboard Functionality

The following tests are performed to verify the functionality of a switchboard:

Maintenance Checklist

The best cadence to perform maintenance and testing is having a set schedule and checklist. A typical checklist can include items for different stages, such as before, during, and after maintenance procedures. You’ll find a standard checklist demonstrated below:

1. Before maintenance
Before maintenance can begin, the switchboard must be de-energized entirely and isolated from the electrical system to avoid any risk of electric shocks to technicians and equipment damage. The procedures that must be ensured before maintenance include:

2. During maintenance
Some common preventive maintenance procedures include:

3. Other routine maintenance procedures include:

4. After maintenance
After performing the maintenance procedures on the switchboard, it is time to return it to its intended state. Upon completion, the next phase involves re-energizing the switchboard. For guidance, we have provided a list of steps:

Benefits of Switchboard Maintenance

Regular maintenance of switchboards and their components can offer several significant benefits, including:


Switchboards are a critical component of modern-day electrical systems. We must maintain them regularly to ensure their smooth operations. However, switchboards have many moving parts interconnected. Due to their complexity, skilled, licensed professionals must perform the maintenance tasks. Besides these tasks, the staff must record all evaluation and restoration works and recommend upgrades to ensure safety and productivity.

At Meta Power Solutions (MPS), we understand the importance of switchboard maintenance and offer comprehensive services to help electrical system operators achieve an electrical infrastructure that is safe, reliable, and compliant with relevant switchboard standards.

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