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3200 A Meta Power Solutions Low-Voltage Switchboard

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Product Overview

3200 A Meta Power Solutions Low-Voltage Switchboard

In the case of larger buildings or sites, it is possible to utilize a single large panel, frame, or assembly of panels to mount overcurrent switches, protective devices, buses, and other equipment. These types of solutions, referred to as switchboards, are designed to be freestanding and located on the floor. Switchboards are typically situated near the wall and easily accessible from the front.

Switchboards have similar functionality to panelboards but operate on a larger scale and at low voltages of 800 Vac or lower. A switchboard structure comprises various components, including the frame, bus, instrumentation, overcurrent protective devices, enclosures, and exterior covers. The frame of the switchboard is essentially the metal skeleton that encases all the other components. The bus, typically made of copper or aluminum, is mounted within this frame. A horizontal bus supplies power to each section of the switchboard, while a vertical bus supplies power to the protection devices within each section.

3200 A Meta Power Solutions Low-Voltage Switchboard

Maximum Voltage

Up to 800 V

Continuous Current

3200 A

Interrupting Capacity (kA)

Up to 100 kA


Copper or Aluminum

Technical Specs

Maximum Voltage

Up to 800 V

Continuous Current

3200 A

Interrupting Capacity (kA)

Up to 100 kA


Copper or Aluminum



Third-Party Recognition


Circuit Breakers Standard

UL 1066, UL 489

Protection Devices

- Air Circuit Breaker (ACBs)
- Power Circuit Breakers (PCBs)
- Molded Case Circuit Breakers (MCCBs)
- Miniature Circuit Breakers (MCBs)
- Surge Protection Devices (SPDs)
- Fusible Switches

Trip Unit Technology

Electronic, Thermal / Magnetic mechanism

Device Mounting

Fixed and Draw out


- Microprocessor-based metering and monitoring
- Utility metering provision
- Voltage & Current Transformers

Enclosure Type

Indoor (NEMA Type-1) and Outdoor (NEMA 3R, NEMA 4X)


Front and Rear

Indoor Depth

30, 36, 48, 66 inches (customized)

Indoor Width

20, 30, 36, 45, 51 inches (customized)

Indoor Height

90 inches (customized)

3200 A Meta Power Solutions Low-Voltage Switchboard 3200 A Meta Power Solutions Low-Voltage Switchboard

Meta Power Solutions Switchboard Philosophy

Meta Power Solutions provides the most extensive range of switchboard types in the industry, but that’s just the beginning. Our switchboards are constructed from scratch, taking into account customer feedback and requirements. MPS low-voltage switchboards are designed with flexibility in mind, capable of adapting to meet any power distribution need. However, our adaptable designs are only as effective as the individuals and services that deliver the products to you.

MPS’s low-voltage switchboards merge a compact design with modular construction and enhanced system ratings, delivering a cost-effective and reliable electrical system and protection while utilizing minimal space.

We customize our switchboards to meet the unique demands of your project, ensuring full compliance with UL and NEC standards. To guarantee the technical suitability, reliability, and adherence to specifications, we exclusively employ approved switchgear and control equipment renowned for their quality.

MPS Switchboards Applications

The modular design of MPS’s low-voltage switchboard makes it highly suitable for use in a variety of commercial and industrial settings, including but not limited to:

MPS Switchboard Offerings

MPS recognizes that every commercial or industrial setting has unique requirements when it comes to switchboards. That’s why we offer a wide range of low-voltage switchboard types and models, allowing us to cater to your specific service needs and application requirements.

Our front-accessible units are ideal for those seeking to conserve floor space, as they can be installed against a wall, making them space-efficient. We also offer rear-connected switchboards with the fixed mount or draw-out breakers, providing flexibility for installations where rear access is needed.

At MPS, we understand that the selection of circuit breakers is critical to ensuring optimal performance, efficiency, and safety of your electrical system. As such, we offer both molded case (MCCBs) and insulated case (ICCBs) circuit breakers, depending on considerations for maintenance access, cost factors, and other service criteria.

Our team of experts is available to help you select the right type of low-voltage switchboard and circuit breakers for your specific needs, ensuring that your electrical system performs efficiently and reliably for years.

Quality Above All: Our Unwavering Promise

Whether you need an 3200 A modular switchboard or a customized 5000 A switchboard, MPS provides a solution to meet your specific requirements. Our dedication to building quality and engineering excellence ensures that each switchboard is meticulously designed and manufactured to precise specifications, guaranteeing superior performance. Our unwavering commitment to quality ensures that every switchboard is delivered on time.

MPS takes continuous product development seriously, as evidenced by our investment in extensive research, development, and testing programs. Our commitment to this approach is reflected in the finished product – a fully installed and tested LV switchboard that undergoes a rigorous design process to ensure flawless top-level assembly. We use automated checks to verify accuracy, clearance and that all parts fit seamlessly together without clashes.

We adopt a collaborative approach by involving end-users, consultants, and contractors in every aspect of the design, manufacturing, and installation process. Our LV switchboard design is exclusively developed by MPS, making it the most technologically advanced and feature-rich to date. If you have any LV switchboard requirements, please feel free to contact us and learn more about how MPS can support your project.


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